Dwelling fire coverage

At first glance, dwelling fire coverage can seem to be the same as a homeowners insurance. Also, the name could mislead most of the insurers as if it covers just damages from the fire. However, the dwelling insurance protects the structure of your “dwelling place” and any attachment to it, such as garage, porch, fence, and others. In addition, it protects your home in cases of:

  • Fire/smoke

  • Explosion

  • Vandalism

  • Falling objects

  • Wind/windstorms

  • Hail

  • Lighting strikes and others.

Also, is important to know that dwelling coverage usually has restrictions and deductibles. Limits include the maximum amount of money that insurance companies will pay for the damage whereat deductibles are the amount of money that you will pay before the insurance will help you pay for the damage.

If you are a landlord,  a customized dwelling coverage is essential for the house that is occupied by tenants. Speak today with one of our agents to get more details.


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